On Fake News

Social media is powerful.  News stories are written about tweets.  Reputations can be built or broken by one's behavior on social media.  It is so powerful that some use it for less than honorable purposes,  including trying to influence people to do less than honorable things.  Some even try to flood your feed with false stories in order to confuse and anger you so that you do what they want.

You've probably been reading about this a lot lately.  So how do we discern just who is trying to pull our legs?  Take a moment and ask yourself,  "Does this story seem a little.... extreme?".  Does it have a call to do violence?  If it does then ask why and what they intend to get out of it.  When you keep a cool head and ask what the motive of a strange news story or account is,  it will be harder to fall for traps.