Digital Vs. Analog

The music industry has been encouraging consumers to buy hard copy music by promoting vinyl recently. Very limited pressings of audio cassettes have been issued as collectibles.  Vinyl records require effort and investment to play properly and the renewed interest in them is very interesting.  While digital recordings offer uniform,  stable sound that does not experience data loss and degradation,  they must be converted to analog with its natural and continuously changing sound waves.  We live in an analog world where a natural sound is variable which may be one of the many reasons why vinyl is said to have a “presence” that digital formats lack.  In a way,  digital and analog actually work together.  While the benefits of cutting-edge technology are great we need to remember that people need a personal element to relate to,  something that speaks to their natural selves.  At CLF Staffing we feel it is necessary to recognize the importance of the human element in our work.  We don't hire machines,  we hire people.