The Role of Your Resume

What makes a good resume?  In many ways, a resume is a sales pitch and what you are pitching is what makes you a valuable worker.  What you are looking to do with your resume is to show what's in it for the employer to hire you.  Take some time and write down your accomplishments and qualities.  Have you done any volunteer or intern work and if so, how did you perform?  What skills did you learn?  Think about any situations or challenges that you may have had on the job or at school.  How did you meet them?  Research what the employer's company stands for and what their work environment is like.  Do they like team players or self-starters?  Or are you able to do both quite well?  When you know what the employer wants,  you are more able to perfect the sales pitch that is your resume.  You will find it easier to tailor it to suit what they're looking for in a job candidate.  Understanding the role of your resume will help take much of the uncertainty of your job search.  Good luck!