Why Choose CLF Staffing

Let's talk about why you should go with CLF Staffing.  What makes us different from our competitors?  Anyone can submit a job description to a search engine.  However,  there is still the task of sifting through the responses for the right candidate and those responses could easily be in the hundreds.  Once the number of candidates has been narrowed down there is still the battery of interviews and tests which could result in weeks of time and money spent.  Then when you have your candidate selected for hiring there is the paperwork.  Agreements,  more tests,  more training which cost time and money.  

CLF Staffing is not just a hiring agency.  We call ourselves a talent acquisition company because that more accurately describes what we do.  We acquire talented,  qualified professionals in multiple demanding and highly specialized fields.  We understand that a potential employee is not just an economic asset but a personal one who will be his or her unique qualifications to the company.  Professionals are an incredible investment and hiring can always prove to be a risk.  

We alleviate that risk by getting to know what your needs are and finding the right candidates for you.  We help with the paperwork and the hiring process.  We don't just provide names,  we provide people who will be the best for your business.