The Potential in Gen X

While there's a great deal of discussion of how Millenials fit in the workplace,  one has to wonder “What about Gen X?”.  A quick search reveals that we're not the only ones thinking about Gen X and how they fit in.  The consensus seems to be that Gen X is a valuable resource,  they came of age when the internet and mobile devices first hit the scene and presented thrilling new possibilities for business.  They're able to work easily both in the physical and the digital world.  

Having started their careers during one recession and making it through the Great Recession proves their resilience. They are a tough generation.

They're also known for being able to successfully work independently on projects.  An assignment given to a Gen X-er can be done without a great deal of guidance by management.  The oldest members of Gen X are about to reach their fifties and with that comes plenty of experience in their field.  Many of them have the qualifications and experience to be at management level and yet they seem to have been forgotten.  Not utilizing the talents of your Gen X workers could prove to be a big mistake for business.