On Fake News

Social media is powerful.  News stories are written about tweets.  Reputations can be built or broken by one's behavior on social media.  It is so powerful that some use it for less than honorable purposes,  including trying to influence people to do less than honorable things.  Some even try to flood your feed with false stories in order to confuse and anger you so that you do what they want.

You've probably been reading about this a lot lately.  So how do we discern just who is trying to pull our legs?  Take a moment and ask yourself,  "Does this story seem a little.... extreme?".  Does it have a call to do violence?  If it does then ask why and what they intend to get out of it.  When you keep a cool head and ask what the motive of a strange news story or account is,  it will be harder to fall for traps.

Inspiring Readership

It's no secret that an online publication thrives on readership or clicks.  How do they get those clicks?  Recently,  I saw a video explaining how ads and teasers deliberately outrage the reader in order to goad them into reading more.  A lot of businesses are relying on stoking anger in their base in order to grow their business.  This doesn't really speak of respect for the reader.  We at CLF Staffing think that you deserve better than this.  We want to use our tools to inspire confidence and hopefulness because we think that you are worth it.

The Potential in Gen X

While there's a great deal of discussion of how Millenials fit in the workplace,  one has to wonder “What about Gen X?”.  A quick search reveals that we're not the only ones thinking about Gen X and how they fit in.  The consensus seems to be that Gen X is a valuable resource,  they came of age when the internet and mobile devices first hit the scene and presented thrilling new possibilities for business.  They're able to work easily both in the physical and the digital world.  

Having started their careers during one recession and making it through the Great Recession proves their resilience. They are a tough generation.

They're also known for being able to successfully work independently on projects.  An assignment given to a Gen X-er can be done without a great deal of guidance by management.  The oldest members of Gen X are about to reach their fifties and with that comes plenty of experience in their field.  Many of them have the qualifications and experience to be at management level and yet they seem to have been forgotten.  Not utilizing the talents of your Gen X workers could prove to be a big mistake for business.  

Social Media and the Future

We are in an era where news articles are written about sentences posted on Twitter.  It can be overwhelming to think that five years ago,  social media hadn't dominated quite as much how we use the internet,  how we get our news,  how we organize,  and how we communicate.  

Social media is obviously an incredible tool,  as powerful as it is valuable,  and it would be wise to utilize it for your job search.  In the future,  we hope to set up job alerts via social media in order to notify potential candidates about openings. That's just one of the things we have planned.  Basically,  we want to use social media not just to promote ourselves but better serve our clients.  CLF Staffing is about matching the ideal candidate to the ideal employer and social media is the way to do it in the future.

Why Fundraising Walks Work

When you join a fundraising walk, you are committing to engage in potentially strenuous but rewarding activity. Getting to the finish line of a marathon can be rewarding in itself because of all the work you put into it. However, when you do it for a good cause, the reward is even sweeter.

Funding a cure for Alzheimer's Disease is such a good cause. When you pitch in to help, you are walking for those who might not be able to do it for themselves but need treatment just the same. Since walking for a fundraiser can be strenuous it's also incredibly rewarding to sponsor a walker. You can help us out and sponsor us here to help fund a cure for Alzheimer's Disease.   

Making a Disaster Plan

There are several things we can learn from this month and one of them is the importance of having an emergency plan. If disaster strikes, its not your fault but knowing how to prepare for one is beyond invaluable.

Think about what kind of disasters are most likely to happen in your area. Have out of town emergency contacts. Think about what kind of foods will last through a disaster and give you the necessary nutrition to make it through the aftermath.

Most importantly, know that we will need to rely on each other in order to survive. When we support each, we will be stronger.

Digital Vs. Analog

The music industry has been encouraging consumers to buy hard copy music by promoting vinyl recently. Very limited pressings of audio cassettes have been issued as collectibles.  Vinyl records require effort and investment to play properly and the renewed interest in them is very interesting.  While digital recordings offer uniform,  stable sound that does not experience data loss and degradation,  they must be converted to analog with its natural and continuously changing sound waves.  We live in an analog world where a natural sound is variable which may be one of the many reasons why vinyl is said to have a “presence” that digital formats lack.  In a way,  digital and analog actually work together.  While the benefits of cutting-edge technology are great we need to remember that people need a personal element to relate to,  something that speaks to their natural selves.  At CLF Staffing we feel it is necessary to recognize the importance of the human element in our work.  We don't hire machines,  we hire people.

Why Choose CLF Staffing

Let's talk about why you should go with CLF Staffing.  What makes us different from our competitors?  Anyone can submit a job description to a search engine.  However,  there is still the task of sifting through the responses for the right candidate and those responses could easily be in the hundreds.  Once the number of candidates has been narrowed down there is still the battery of interviews and tests which could result in weeks of time and money spent.  Then when you have your candidate selected for hiring there is the paperwork.  Agreements,  more tests,  more training which cost time and money.  

CLF Staffing is not just a hiring agency.  We call ourselves a talent acquisition company because that more accurately describes what we do.  We acquire talented,  qualified professionals in multiple demanding and highly specialized fields.  We understand that a potential employee is not just an economic asset but a personal one who will be his or her unique qualifications to the company.  Professionals are an incredible investment and hiring can always prove to be a risk.  

We alleviate that risk by getting to know what your needs are and finding the right candidates for you.  We help with the paperwork and the hiring process.  We don't just provide names,  we provide people who will be the best for your business.

Treatments for Alzheimer's Disease

We are used to thinking of Alzheimer's disease as something that is almost inevitable and untreatable. Thankfully there is hope in the form of multiple areas of research and treatment options. The Mayo Clinic has a great article explaining current treatments being tested right now and how they fight the disease. Like so many other illnesses, a combination of therapies such as genetic based, anti-inflammatories, and others may be the key to finally solving the riddle of Alzheimer's. You can help fund research for these therapies by going here. You can also directly donate here. When you help fund the research, you raise hope for a cure.   

Fighting Alzheimer's Disease.

Currently,  there are over five million Americans living with Alzheimer's Disease. That means someone you might know could have it and needs care. You might be helping to provide that care.

The Cure Alzheimer's Fund helps fund research into new treatment and a cure. You can also help us raise funds for Alzheimer's research here. We hope that you'll join in this fight.


Providing Healthcare for Disasters

If you work in health care, you may already be familiar with the various health problems that natural disaster survivors face in the aftermath. The physical repercussions are more obvious but the mental health related ones can be more subtle and complex. The stress can last for weeks, possibly years. Even worse is how mental and physical health are so often intertwined, someone with PTSD may suffer from elevated blood pressure.

The best thing to do is offer a complete health care program that is based in local communities. People who work together can recover together as they rebuild their neighborhoods. Knowing that they can get local comprehensive care that won't disappear along with the news camera crews is a big help. However, working with specialized relief efforts is incredibly valuable and will take some of the pressure off of caring for so many patients with immediate needs. Thankfully there are such efforts like the Disaster Distress Helpline.

Lastly, do not forget about yourself! Providing healthcare is already stressful. Providing care during and after emergencies is incredibly stressful. Don't ignore your own needs. If you need to talk to a counselor, do it. If you need to just vent with a coworker or relative, do it. When you care for yourself you can take better care of your patients.


Recently,  I decided to watch an eyewitness account of 9/11.  When he discussed the aftermath,  he kept stressing how New Yorkers were treating each other.  He was expecting mass looting and opportunistic violence.  What he found was that people were going out of their way to take care of each other.  According to him,  people were stopping each other on the street to ask if they were okay.  He decided to give blood and was turned away,  the reason being that they already had a surplus.  It helped me remember reading that the Red Cross had to dispose of blood donations because they had such a surplus.  We can recover from something horrible if we work together.